Property Fees

Buyer's Premium: Greater of 5.0% of bid amount, or $25,000 (Buyer Pays at Closing).
Paid by the buyer at closing, this fee covers the costs of facilitating an auction sale on

CASH - Earnest Money Deposit: Lesser of 1.0% of bid amount, or $15,000.
(Buyer Pays Once Purchase & Sale Agreement is Fully Executed And Within 2 Days of Mutual Acceptance. )

Buyer's Agent Commission: Either 2.0% of the Purchase Price or $1,250, whichever is greater.

All bids must be submitted through Bids sent via email and fax will not be considered.

Paid by the buyer within 48 hours of receiving a fully executed Purchase & Sale Agreement. The Earnest Money Deposit will be credited toward the purchase price at closing. The minimum Earnest Money Deposit is calculated based on a percentage of your bid. The required deposit ranges from 1% to 7%, but is never less than $500. Earnest to be delivered to Escrow.

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